Ross Karre is a clas­sical per­cus­sionist spe­cial­izing in con­tem­po­rary, modern, avant garde, and exper­i­mental music and sound instal­la­tion. He is the co-artistic director of the Inter­na­tional Con­tem­po­rary Ensemble (ICE).


Boulez, Pierre (b. 1925)

Nota­tions for Orchestra

Le Marteau sans Maitre

” Credit goes to the International Contemporary Ensemble (also known as ICE) for finding a new and illuminating context in which to position Cage, by juxtaposing his music with a benchmark serialist composition by Pierre Boulez, “Le Marteau Sans Maître”“

- Steve Smith, New York Times


Birtwistle, Har­rison (b.1934)

Axe Manual, Monday Evening Con­certs, 2008 with Aleck Karis

Carmen Arca­diae Mechan­icae Per­petuum, Oberlin 2005

For O, For O, the Hob­by­horse is Forgot, Oberlin 2005 (Amer­ican Premiere)

Ritual Frag­ment, 2005 Oberlin

Sil­bury Air, Oberlin 2005 Oberlin

Secret The­atre, 2004 Lucerne

The­seus Game, 2005 Oberlin


Bar­raque, Jean (1928–73)

Chants Apres Chants, UCSD 2009


Berio, Luciano (1925–03)

Cir­cles, Monday Evening Con­certs 2006

Chemins II, Oberlin 2003

Folk Songs, Oberlin 2003


Babbit, Milton (1916–11)

All Set, Monday Evening Con­certs 2010