RKAD (Ross Karre Arts Documentation)

Ross Karre is an accom­plished con­cert doc­u­men­tarist with expe­ri­ence filming and editing con­tem­po­rary music, dance, and pro­mo­tional videos. Ross has worked with eighth black­bird, red fish blue fish, Third Coast Per­cus­sion, ICE, Roger Reynolds, the Barysh­nikov Arts Center, Mode Records, and many others.

Ross Karre works as an event doc­u­men­tarist for numerous ensem­bles and venues around the country. His knowl­edge of music, film, inter­media, and video art make him an asset at any con­cert, art event, or behind-the-scenes shoot. He is com­pletely fluent in modern HD and 4K camera tech­nology and spe­cial­izes in run-and-gun, fly-on-the-wall shooting as well as multi-camera con­cert doc­u­men­ta­tion. He col­lab­o­rates with expe­ri­enced assis­tant camera oper­a­tors who have sim­ilar aes­thetic inter­ests. His work­flow is effi­cient, reli­able, and fast and includes audio ser­vices which are per­fectly syn­chro­nized and mixed in post-production. From con­cert doc­u­ments, web-based pro­mo­tional videos, or DVD releases (such as those he pro­duced for Mode and New Focus Records), Ross pushes stan­dard event doc­u­men­ta­tion to a new level of musical aware­ness and video expertise.

Aes­thetic Vision

Ross’s training as a con­tem­po­rary per­cus­sionist and video artist (with ter­minal degrees in both from UCSD) help him to quickly ana­lyze and under­stand the aes­thetic foun­da­tions of a piece of tem­poral art. As a result, Ross care­fully cal­i­brates his shooting style, equip­ment, and editing tech­niques to match the vision of the cre­ators and performers.

Equip­ment Selection

Dig­ital video is a moving target. At the moment, every­thing from lenses, sen­sors, soft­ware, and dis­tri­b­u­tion is in a state of flux. Ross takes advan­tage of a few exciting fea­tures of today’s dig­ital video cap­ture methods: DSLR sen­sors and photo lenses. Cur­rently, Ross uses Pana­sonic Lumix GH-4 cam­eras to cap­ture 4K and HD. These cam­eras enable up to 3.5 hours of con­tin­uous cap­ture for events that last longer than other DSLRs will accom­mo­date. The final product is per­fectly suited for Vimeo, YouTube, and other online dis­tri­b­u­tion methods. Depending on the shoot, Ross also has sig­nif­i­cant expe­ri­ence working with Sony EX-1, EX-3, and Z1U, Canon Cinema Series, and Black Magic Cinema Cam­eras which can be rented for shoots which require them.

On the soft­ware level, Ross is fluent in the entire Apple and Adobe suites of pro­fes­sional video editing soft­ware from Final Cut Pro, Com­pressor, and DVD Studio Pro as well as Pre­miere Pro and After Effects. As an expe­ri­enced recording musi­cian, Ross also has a keen aware­ness for micro­phone selec­tion, audio inter­faces, and editing software.

”opt for the DVD package over the CD-only version. Artfully captured on video and masterfully performed by 3CP, the sophomore album deserves an emphatic water-gong crash of approval.“

- Time-Out Chicago

”Sensitive and persuasive documentation is always an issue in the performing arts, but as intermedial explorations grow in number, complexity, and frequency, it – documentation that can capture not only the events but their feel – becomes not only useful but essential. Without such documentation, dissemination and understanding of much important new work is impossible. Ross Karre knows how to make this magic: to capture through digital media the essential flavors of a complex experience, to recreate in a new and easily managed form a record that is dimensional and beguiling. Karre has shown his remarkable capacities in my evening-long Sanctuary (2004-7), and also by restoring my 1968 intermedia work, Ping. I have begun to think he can do anything.“

- Roger Reynolds

”The recordings alone are of exceedingly high quality and satisfying in and of themselves, and the DVD adds another layer of depth, personality, and—quite literally—color to the music that is well worth the investment.“

- New Music Box

”Third Coast Percussion has a superb new disc of the percussion works on the Mode label, whose Cage Edition now runs to forty-five volumes. “

- Alex Ross, New Yorker